Our Yugoslavias: Daily Life in the SFRY

Share Your Story

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, your everyday experiences attest to the joys, hardships, challenges, and changes that defined life in socialist Yugoslavia. 

Reflect on your life in Yugoslavia: In the box below, attach a photo or some kind of image (this can be anything you want not limited to but including an object/place/movie poster) which is important to how you understood or experienced life there. Tell us about this image: Where did it come from? Who gave it to you? How did/do you use it? If it’s a photograph­, share who took it and what is happening in the photo. Your story should explain why this image is important to your life and experience in Yugoslavia. 


If you do not have an image you’d like to share, we welcome stories that are text-only. If you do not want to submit a story via this page, but are interested in an oral history interview, please contact the Project Manager, Alexandra.

*Personal information collected via this form WILL NOT be made public and is only collected to better understand and document narrators’ demographics.