Our Yugoslavias: Daily Life in the SFRY

What was life in Yugoslavia like?

Who were the people that lived there?

People who lived in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia are diverse individuals with important rich and complex stories to tell. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, your experiences in the multinational socialist federation provide new meanings and understandings to Yugoslav history, culture, and identity.

Our Yugoslavias: Daily life in the SFRY, is a digital oral history project organized by American University doctoral candidate Alexandra Zaremba. It invites you (individuals who previously lived in Yugoslavia) to collectively preserve and share your everyday experiences in the multinational socialist federation. Sharing your stories and reflecting on the triumphs and perils, abundances and depravities, fleeting moments and formative changes of daily life, helps to write and (re)interpret Yugoslav history outside of existing and incomplete political and national narratives. Our Yugoslavias draws out the various contours and textures of life in Yugoslavia to hold space for all the distinct, and at times contradictory, experiences people had there. Your story is important and I hope you will share it.

Read more about the project, its ethics and methods, and frequently asked questions for more information.



This project is premised on the idea that people who lived in Yugoslavia are best suited to tell their own stories about everyday life in socialist Yugoslavia. Your suggestions, comments, and other feedback are critical to ensuring that this project is representative of those experiences. Your input is both welcomed and wanted and I encourage you to contact me at any time.


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